Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jessica Biel is a ‘natural stripper’

Actress Jessica Biel could become a professional stripper, according to her dance coach.

The 27-year-old beauty, who is being trained in the skill for new movie ‘ Powder Blue ’, could take up dancing as a career because it comes naturally to her, said the actress’ coach, renowned burlesque stripper Cati Jean.

“From our very first session she picked it up and in no time reached professional level,” the Daily Express quoted Biel, as saying.

Cati, who runs a French cabaret show in Hollywood, said she would love to include Biel in a future performance.

“She comes from a dance background, so that helped, but she was also very hard-working. She achieved such a high level I’d like to have her as a guest star in our show,” Jean said.

However, the actress said: “I had so much to do and so much to learn. I have a great respect for the women who do this for a living.”

Hannah Montana: The Movie’s Happy Easter

Trend-alert update: Tween girls—still powerful; Hannah Montana—still potent; Miley Cyrus—her world, welcome to it.

Cyrus’ Hannah Montana: The Movie scored an estimated $34 million at the weekend box office, blowing past Fast & Furious and blowing away projections.

“What she pulled off here, based on tracking, is amazing,” Disney distribution president Chuck Viane said today. “It’s a tribute to her and her fan base.”

Drilling down into the numbers:

• A regular, old 2D comedy, Hannah Montana: The Movie took in more in its Friday-Sunday debut than last year’s Hannah Montana concert movie—or February’s Jonas Brothers concert movie—did at 3D prices.

• Expected to hit the upper $20 millions—tops, Hannah Montana ended up as the second-biggest Easter weekend opener of all-time, behind 2006’s Scary Movie 4 ($40.2 million).

• Disney’s own modest expectations for Hannah Montana were not influenced by what its Jonas Brothers movie did—or didn’t—do. “This is so different,” Viane said. “This is a live-action movie versus a concert…It’s a different world.”

• If you were a girl, you were 8 and it was Friday, chances are you were in line at the multiplex. Hannah Montana’s opening-day gross of $17.3 million was the biggest-ever for a G-rated film.

• Though the consensus pick to finish No. 1, second-place Fast & Furious didn’t so much underperform as Hannah Montana overperformed. The car movie held okay, collecting another $28.8 million and bringing its two-weekend haul to a hefty $118 million.

• Monsters vs. Aliens ($22.6 million) held really well, with ticket sales down only 31 percent from last weekend. At $141 million overall, it’s closing in on the esteemable Paul Blart: Mall Cop as the year’s top-grossing movie.

• Seth Rogen’s mojo led the black comedy Observe and Report to a decent $11.1 million debut. The take improved on the opening-weekend performance of Rogen’s last out-of-mainstream comedy, Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

• The manga-based Dragonball: Evolution ($4.7 million) did not feature Cyrus or Rogen. As its eighth-place debut attested.

• Race to Witch Mountain ($2 million) exited the Top 10 after four weekends and a $62.1 million run.

• Sunshine Cleaning ($1.8 million) moved into nearly 600 theaters, but slipped out of the Top 10. The indie comedy stands at $7.2 million overall.

• Vin Diesel, Miley Cyrus and Monsters vs. Aliens have Hollywood rolling again. Ticket revenue is now running 13.4 percent ahead of last year. Attendance is up nearly 12 percent.

Here’s a complete look at the weekend’s top-grossing films based on Friday-Sunday estimates as compiled by Exhibitor Relations:

1. Hannah Montana: The Movie, $34 million
2. Fast & Furious, $28.8 million
3. Monsters vs. Aliens, $22.6 million
4. Observe and Report, $11.1 million
5. Knowing, $6.7 million
6. I Love You, Man, $6.4 million
7. The Haunting in Connecticut, $5.7 million
8. Dragonball: Evolution, $4.7 million
9. Adventureland, $3.4 million
10. Duplicity, $3 million

Amy Winehouse's Husband Expecting A Child - With Another Woman!!!!

The saga continues!

As Amy Winehouse luxuriates in St. Lucia, her estranged husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is preparing his divorce case against the Grammy-winning singer.

Oh, and he's having a baby. With that hideous woman above!

Gillenn claims that she banged Blake in rehab and that she's six weeks pregnent. She's also a heroin addict.

That baby is fucked!


British opera singer BRYN TERFEL almost had to pull out of a recent concert - after forgetting his trousers.
The world-renowned star opted to wear a pair of shorts to travel from his hotel to a show in front of thousands of eager fans in Seoul, South Korea.
But the singer was left red-faced when he realised just minutes before he was due on stage that he had forgotten to pack his trousers.
Terfel reveals, "One can be a bit forgetful on the day of a concert - and I forgot my trousers at the hotel. But what could I do? Tell the audience 'I'm sorry, but I have to wear my shorts'?"
Luckily for Terfel - and the paying audience - a concert-goer was on hand to help him out.
The singer adds, "There was one person there who happened to be the same height as me. And if there was ever a pair of trousers that fits like a glove - that's the one."

Death Comes Knocking On 90210's Door

Sex, drugs, alcohol and murder. "Oddly enough all of those things [happen in the finale]," teased 90210 star Rob Estes at last night's Paley Festival event.

Wait, murder? "There may be a death at the very end of the season." That's right, kids, someone in America's most famous zip code may be saying goodbye for good.

Also, not one but two students are leaving West Beverly High, and we have the deets on a freak-out that will shock you, especially since it comes from someone other than resident bipolar gal-pal Silver (Jessica Stroup).

New Moon Taps Michael Sheen to Play Baddest Vamp

Twilght, Michael Sheen, Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart Summit Entertainment, Screen Gems

From cutthroat journalist to blood-sucking vampire.

British actor Michael Sheen is joining Robert Pattinson & Co. in New Moon, the sequel to the blockbuster film Twilight, a studio rep has confirmed to E! News.

In the new film due out this fall, Sheen, 40, will play Aro, the leader of the deadly Volturi vampire coven that wants to ensure humans never find out bloodsuckers exist.

Sheen is best known for playing David Frost in last year's Oscar-nominated Frost/Nixon and as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2006's Oscar-winning film The Queen with Helen Mirren.

New Moon isn't the first movie in which Sheen portrays a monster: He also appeared in 2003's Underworld starring Kate Beckinsale, with whom he has a daughter.

Fabio Wrecks Ferrari ... That Wasn't His

We've learned Italian model Fabio Lanzoni wrecked one of the most expensive cars in the world Saturday afternoon -- and it didn't even belong to him.


We're told the Italian model was driving a Ferrari -- which was property of World Class Driving -- on Mulholland Drive near Calabasas, Cal. when he hit a turn going too fast and lost control of the car.

Sources say the ridiculously expensive ride struck something off road, causing damage to the front and back ends on the right side of the car.

Unlike the Ferrari, Fabio walked away pretty much unscathed, because we're told he was taking photos with fans at the Hyatt Hotel later that afternoon.

A rep for WCD released this statement to us: "No comment. We are not very proud of the fact that Fabio wrecked our car." Calls to Fabio's reps haven't been returned.